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3 Ways to Help Real Time Visitors Through Live Chat Support

One of the challenges small, medium and enterprise level businesses face today, intense hyper competition not withstanding, is the need and desirability not only to bring new customers on board but to cement relationships with existing ones so that existing customers also become repeat customers. Given the high costs involved with customer acquisition, companies continue to streamline their various service channels, train service reps, and upgrade their customer support technologies to provide the most enriching user experience possible.

imgThe Million Dollar Question

So how can you help your customers fulfill their knowledge, research and purchase expectations on your website through live chat support in a way that they come back to you in the future? WE looked at live chat software in general and Live2Support in particular from this highly focused perspective and came up with 3 ways in which you can help your customers not just leave positive feedback for your company through a post chat survey, but also return to your website to make a purchase decision at the first available opportunity. Here are the 3 strategies we have been able to pin point that will contribute significantly to your customer retention efforts:

Fortify your Chat Reps and Agents with Knowledge

Knowledge is power and information is king in the 21st century. If your chat reps don’t know your products, services, policies, pricing structure and currently valid promotion and incentive programs, only to name a few, they are going to blow hot air on your visitors’ collective faces through live chat software. If you, as a shopper, were to visit an ecommerce website for instance, and were provided with half baked, inaccurate and outdated information, chances are slim that you would ever pay them a visit again. Copy your chat reps on all customer facing collateral, newsletters, product alerts, sales announcements, and any communication directed at your customers through social media. Compile all this mission critical data into a single message and send it to your chat reps every day with clear instructions that they should read this content religiously. Announce surprise quizzes as if your chat reps were students in your corporate classroom and politely point out deficiencies if you find any. Reward astute reps with gift cards from your favorite restaurant. Two prize distribution ceremonies is all it will take for every chat rep to ace the quizzes.

Leverage Chat Transcripts

At Live2Support, we have noticed that although customers are provided with ample opportunities to review their chat transcripts through an option on the Visitor Chat Window, chat transcripts aren’t used extensively by managers to assess the performance of chat reps, analyze buying habits, add to FAQs, and locate information gaps within the communication process. If you use a CRM that we support, we highly recommend that you perform the integration as soon as possible so that all live chat interaction conducted by Live2Support can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM to provide you a larger and more accurate picture of your customers and their buying behavior. You can also use our chat transcripts to script new canned messages if you spot a repetitive pattern of similar questions.

Activate Analytics across the Board

Live2Support provides you with a goldmine of analytics services some of which are so sophisticated that there just might be a minor learning curve involved. There is no cause for concern because we are always standing by to help you with our 24X7 customer support. Locate a wealth of information on our various visitor monitoring, visitor tracking and analytics functions, which you can access in our Help Center once you log into your Live2Support account. In a nutshell, these services include several features that show you in real time what your visitors are doing on your website– which web pages they are visiting, how they arrived on your website, which search engine they used to find you, how long they remained on your website, their country of origin, their time zones and much more. You can even integrate Live2Support’s analytics features with your Google Adwords, Amazon, or other PPC campaigns and even track campaign performance in real time. You should also activate advanced features of Live2Support such as Proactive Chat, Co-browsing and PUSH URL to keep your customers happy. These features are fully integrated into our real time analytics.

The three strategies we have suggested have one thing in common. They will help you retain your customers and significantly enhance their user experience once you implement them. Customer support is no rocket science. All you need to do, to put it very simply, is first to find out what your customers need and expect from you and then fulfill their expectations with a high degree of zeal and commitment.

Do you have other strategies up your sleeve that are tried and tested which you can share with us? How do you engage your customer communities through live chat support? We would love to hear from you through our blog comments below.

Live Chat Software and your Customer’s Expectations

Like any other customer service channel, live chat also raises the bar on customer expectations which you are obligated to fulfill in order for you to sustain long term relationships with your customers and enhance your customer base. If you look at this metric closely, you will notice that this is a two-way partnership when it comes time to deliver the goods. It is a partnership between your company, which provides live chat service to your customers, and our company which provides you with the on demand nuts and bolts technologies to enable you to deliver a superior quality user experience through live chat. At Live2Support, we take this partnership with your company very seriously which is why we:

- Work round the clock to frequently update our live chat application
- Send you a newsletter twice a month to keep you posted regarding our new features and updates
- Stay on top of everything mobile so that your chat reps can deliver the exact same live help service as they do from their work stations
- Watch industry trends closely so that we can bring you those apps and plugins that will always keep your company well ahead of your competition
- Monitor the performance of our live chat application on your website in real time 24X7X365 for stability, resilience and reduced response times
- Upgrade our server technologies the moment we get a chance to do so

live chat software and customer expectations

There are at least a dozen more things we can add to this list. However, we are sure you get the picture. So how can we join hands with you, further cement our relationship, and watch out for your customers together? We would like to share a few suggestions:

Update Frequently
The information technology industry is perhaps the most volatile industry on the planet with new milestones being reached literally every hour. This is precisely why we remain fully focused at all times on updating our dedicated live chat application. Please download these updates and install them so that your customers always experience the best. Updates are free and also address any issues that may have cropped up in our live support application. There is one more thing our updates do. We receive numerous suggestions from clients like you which we routinely include in our updates. So don’t be surprised if you find one of your suggestions being showcased in a future update!

Train your Chat Reps
Customer expectations will always remain high when they arrive on your website and initiate a web chat session. They expect that you will:

- Not ask them to line up in a chat queue
- Answer their questions promptly without their having to hang around and twiddle their thumbs
- Provide answers that are totally accurate
- Use language that is grammatically correct, polite and not too informal
- Achieve issue resolution in record time

Customer Expectations

We can help. Once you are logged in to your account, you can access a complete library of training resources including videos that will help your live chat operators not only navigate our application seamlessly but also improve the overall quality of their live chat interactions. Instruct your live chat agents to read every page on your website at least twice and review every email marketing message that is sent to your customers. Conduct surprise tests about your products and services to assess familiarity and give away Pizza Hut gift cards to the winners!

Alert us instantly
If you ever experience a challenge with a feature in our live support application, let us know immediately. We are always standing by to provide you with support through email and live chat and will resolve your issue before you know it!

Concluding thoughts
A recent study from Oracle found live chat to have the highest Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) among all the online service and sales channels. Live chat not only registered a 35% – 75% increase in agent productivity, it also reduced inbound phone calls and email messages significantly, according to the study. Given these set of circumstances, there are enough reasons why you should assign top priority to live chat among your service channels. What strategies have you implemented to address the expectations of your customers when using live chat on your website? What are some of the things your customers have shared with you about their live chat experience while rating the service? We would love to hear from you through the blog comments.


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