Managing the Customer Shift to Online Channels

In any formal business transaction regardless of whether it is conducted online or offline, three entities participate prominently– the buyer also known as the customer, the seller, and the product or service on which the transaction is based. Owing to a variety of factors, there has been a paradigm shift in the behavior of all three over the past decade. The buyer persona is perhaps the entity which has not merely transitioned into a new dimension but literally undergone a reincarnation. According to Jon Ferrara, founder CEO of Nimble CRM, an innovative CRM solution which leverages the power and potential of the social web to initiate communications, connections and conversations between an organization and its customers, gone are the days when you could “bag and tag” your sale simply on the basis of your product’s USP and your selling prowess. Today’s buyer persona is much more sophisticated, knowledgeable and alert.

Customers rely not necessarily on flashy product brochures and glossy ads in the trades although these instruments are also scanned quickly at least as a formality, they turn to Almighty Google to understand the problem they are attempting to solve, seek out reviews for products that meet and match their specifications, and check out PDFs on manufacturers’ websites. Most importantly, they turn to social media. They seek and usually find someone in their Circle on Google+, Friends on Facebook, or Connections on LinkedIn who has an honest and justifiable opinion. It is only after crossing these bridges that customers turn to your company for additional information. They will turn to you because you feature on their short list. Are we at the bottom of the sales funnel? Far from it, we haven’t even begun the journey!

The Winning Strategy

The “shift” we have described above, which is not merely a paradigm shift but also a genuine shift in sensibilities as well as a shift in the choice of service channels, will bring you face-to-face with your customers who are already in a position of strength. Your customers may or may not choose to explore self-service. However, all the available service channels such as phone, email and live chat continue to remain available. Here are a few reasons why we believe your customers will prefer live chat over other existing service channels even after switching channels more than once:

Instant Responses

Only phone and live chat possess the ability to provide instant responses. Live chat has an edge because it protects the visitor’s identity except for an email address. A phone conversation tends to generate tons of data about customers, a situation with which customers may not feel comfortable. Customers often list privacy considerations as an area of paramount concern.

Multiple Response Mechanisms

Customers are gradually becoming aware of the fact that an answer to an inquiry submitted through live chat does not merely result in a return chat message. Responses are also provided through links that are click able once sent through live chat, co-browsing facilities, screen sharing and the transmission of data through file transfer. Such transfers are now beginning to include proprietary content especially developed for customers such as images and videos which organizations are choosing not to post online for fear of competition.

Do you have a customer engagement strategy which you have adopted, implemented and fine-tuned that works for you well? Let us know through the blog comments below.

Welcome Christmas with New Chat Window and Icons

Since Christmas is in the air every step of the way at Live2support, we are all excited in anticipation of the throngs of happy and excited Christmas shoppers who will come to your website to flash their credit cards and jingle their pocket change . Christmas is finally here and Live2Support is once again ready to help you serenade your customers, users and website visitors with the spirit of Christmas. Add a zing and that extra special touch to your celebration by customizing your chat windows with Christmas icons and header images based on the festive theme of the season. Here is how:

Personalizing the Visitor Chat Experience with the Christmas Theme

As regular customers and members of the Live2Support family, you already know about the hundreds of ways in which you can get creative by using our live chat window icons and header images to personalize the visitor chat experience. The process remains much the same except that the theme this time is seasonal. You would use the same customization methods that you have used in the past to use the icons of your choice and display them on your website.

In order to use Live2Support’s Christmas collection and use all the Santa bells we have for our customers, you will first need to log in with your user ID and password. Go to the Control Panel and access our image collection. Select the icons and header images you like and follow the same process that you have adopted in the past.


Preserving your Corporate Identity

Christmas images for the Visitor Chat Window can still feature your company logo and colors prominently as they have done before. We encourage the use of your corporate identity to help you further polish your brand and generate additional brand exposure.

Christmas is a time to introspect, plan for the upcoming year, and express gratitude for everything we have achieved so far. As always, we are standing by to help you with all your questions and suggestions. Visit our Support Page and chat with us! What difference did the icons and header images make to your website’s overall look and feel? What was your experience as you blended the Christmas icons and header images with your website? We would love to hear from you through the blog comments below.


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