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3 Ways to Optimize Resources with Live Chat Software

In any discussion of the various customer service channels being used today at contact centers within companies both large and small, self service is usually dubbed as the service channel that is the least expensive of all. However, self service is exactly that– self service. This model of customer support calls for a concerted effort on the part of your customers to first identify the problem, diagnose it, and then go looking for the solution which is usually tucked away between hundreds of web pages and multiple layers of FAQs. As they say in China, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Self service has never been  voted as the most preferred service channel in any customer support research study.  The case with live chat software, however, is entirely the opposite.

Service Channel that Delivers

There are good reasons why live chat, as a predominant service  channel in the support realm, tops the list on two scores—price and effectiveness. While we will touch the latter briefly, we will go into detail about the former.

Why is Live Chat effective?

Live chat is effective because it opens a direct communication channel with customers in real time, leaves a written record of the interaction through chat transcripts, and helps to preserve anonymity. It is also effective because there are usually zero wait times, responses are mostly right on the mark, and chat reps and customers can literally go through the entire website if they choose to do so one page at a time. This is possible by using a feature in live chat called co-browsing. The chat window remains open, active and fully functional while web pages are being switched.

How Can your organization save money and optimize resources through live chat software in addition to these beneficial attributes? Here are three ways in which you can do so:

Manage the Cost Factor

AS we move the discussion from pain points to price points, the first thing we notice is how inexpensive live help is when compared with other service channels such as phone service. According to the Forrester  North American Technographics Customer Experience Online Survey, live chat is 30% less expensive than phone if the chat rep handles three chats simultaneously and 17% less expensive than phone if the chat rep manages only one chat at a time. There are other studies which put the cost of chat-based customer support at $2 per chat depending on the geographic location from where the chat service is being rendered.

Optimize your financial resources by implementing a proven and tested live chat solution and training your chat reps thoroughly. They are the first point of contact for your customers. Their product knowledge, time-to-response and domain knowledge will not only help you to control costs but also to drive more business to your company both directly and indirectly. The more expertly your chat reps will process chat requests, the more you will save.

Create a Multiple Chat Environment

Not every chat rep in your company will be able to handle more than one chat request simultaneously in the beginning. There is indeed a minor learning curve involved. With some practice, multiple chat management becomes second nature to many chat reps. Try to hire QWERTY touch typists   because accurate speed-typing and cost-optimized live chat go hand in hand. Your budgetary allocations will yield more dividends once your chat reps begin handling multiple chats at the same time.

Leverage Analytics for Free

A Third way in which live chat software helps you to optimize resources and control costs is by eliminating the need to subscribe to analytics services. Most advanced analytics services now charge a monthly subscription fee. On the other hand, these services, in most part, are bundled into your life chat subscription costs and not billed as an added service. This holds true for Live2Support as well where we provide a full spectrum of high voltage analytics without an additional charge.  Analytics provide a scientific way to measure website performance, assess traffic counts, and predict visitor trends on your website.

While there is no such thing as a free no obligation trial for phone-based customer support, all the lead players in the live chat domain provide free trials. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to match your organization’s live chat expectations with the services provided by a live chat company and experience live chat from within.

At Live2Support, we constantly strive to update our technology so that you can leverage every opportunity to increase sales, improve customer support, and conserve resources while you are engaged in this two-pronged mission. Features such as proactive chat, co-browsing, push URL, analytics and visitor monitoring, only to name a few, are all built into our live chat service. We even go beyond the basics and provide a wide array of apps, plugins and widgets so that you are able to integrate our application with your CRM, CMS and other platforms at no extra cost. Visit our features and benefits pages to learn more.

Have you chanced upon a creative and innovative way to use live chat to manage your support budget? Is there a feature, you believe, will help with resource optimization? We would love to hear from you through our blog comments.

3 Ways to Help Real Time Visitors Through Live Chat Support

One of the challenges small, medium and enterprise level businesses face today, intense hyper competition not withstanding, is the need and desirability not only to bring new customers on board but to cement relationships with existing ones so that existing customers also become repeat customers. Given the high costs involved with customer acquisition, companies continue to streamline their various service channels, train service reps, and upgrade their customer support technologies to provide the most enriching user experience possible.

imgThe Million Dollar Question

So how can you help your customers fulfill their knowledge, research and purchase expectations on your website through live chat support in a way that they come back to you in the future? WE looked at live chat software in general and Live2Support in particular from this highly focused perspective and came up with 3 ways in which you can help your customers not just leave positive feedback for your company through a post chat survey, but also return to your website to make a purchase decision at the first available opportunity. Here are the 3 strategies we have been able to pin point that will contribute significantly to your customer retention efforts:

Fortify your Chat Reps and Agents with Knowledge

Knowledge is power and information is king in the 21st century. If your chat reps don’t know your products, services, policies, pricing structure and currently valid promotion and incentive programs, only to name a few, they are going to blow hot air on your visitors’ collective faces through live chat software. If you, as a shopper, were to visit an ecommerce website for instance, and were provided with half baked, inaccurate and outdated information, chances are slim that you would ever pay them a visit again. Copy your chat reps on all customer facing collateral, newsletters, product alerts, sales announcements, and any communication directed at your customers through social media. Compile all this mission critical data into a single message and send it to your chat reps every day with clear instructions that they should read this content religiously. Announce surprise quizzes as if your chat reps were students in your corporate classroom and politely point out deficiencies if you find any. Reward astute reps with gift cards from your favorite restaurant. Two prize distribution ceremonies is all it will take for every chat rep to ace the quizzes.

Leverage Chat Transcripts

At Live2Support, we have noticed that although customers are provided with ample opportunities to review their chat transcripts through an option on the Visitor Chat Window, chat transcripts aren’t used extensively by managers to assess the performance of chat reps, analyze buying habits, add to FAQs, and locate information gaps within the communication process. If you use a CRM that we support, we highly recommend that you perform the integration as soon as possible so that all live chat interaction conducted by Live2Support can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM to provide you a larger and more accurate picture of your customers and their buying behavior. You can also use our chat transcripts to script new canned messages if you spot a repetitive pattern of similar questions.

Activate Analytics across the Board

Live2Support provides you with a goldmine of analytics services some of which are so sophisticated that there just might be a minor learning curve involved. There is no cause for concern because we are always standing by to help you with our 24X7 customer support. Locate a wealth of information on our various visitor monitoring, visitor tracking and analytics functions, which you can access in our Help Center once you log into your Live2Support account. In a nutshell, these services include several features that show you in real time what your visitors are doing on your website– which web pages they are visiting, how they arrived on your website, which search engine they used to find you, how long they remained on your website, their country of origin, their time zones and much more. You can even integrate Live2Support’s analytics features with your Google Adwords, Amazon, or other PPC campaigns and even track campaign performance in real time. You should also activate advanced features of Live2Support such as Proactive Chat, Co-browsing and PUSH URL to keep your customers happy. These features are fully integrated into our real time analytics.

The three strategies we have suggested have one thing in common. They will help you retain your customers and significantly enhance their user experience once you implement them. Customer support is no rocket science. All you need to do, to put it very simply, is first to find out what your customers need and expect from you and then fulfill their expectations with a high degree of zeal and commitment.

Do you have other strategies up your sleeve that are tried and tested which you can share with us? How do you engage your customer communities through live chat support? We would love to hear from you through our blog comments below.


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